Please meet our boy JoJo.

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JoJo is a very handsome Mixed Breed boy of 2 years old.  He has the looks of  some Shepherd breed but not as big more medium size (Collie/large Labrador).

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Jojo loves his walks across open farmland and lake areas which is where he has been foster and it would be lovely for him to continue his life in a similar setting. He will happily go for a paddle but has not quite taken the plunge to swimming just yet!!!  He loves to have his matriarch foster mum Ruby around, who he follows everywhere and keeps with her on his walks and taking things in his stride.  He is good when he meets other dogs in these situations and is relaxed and happy.

JoJo is an extremely easy and loving dog in the home.  He is wonderfully affectionate and thinks he should be a lap dog and will quite often ask for attention by coming and sliding his front legs across your lap when sitting at a table/desk.  He is happy to lay in his bed on the floor though and is not a nusience and can easily be left for periods of time while you have to go out.

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However, JoJo has displayed some heightened overdrive in his senses when out and about in more built up areas and smaller town parks where his lack of basic commands and training is harder to work with and causes tension both for JoJo and handler.  He wants to play with other dogs but this comes across as both excitement and vocal response and pulling on a lead which can lead to uncertainty with handler and other people.  He likes to chase squirrels and cats too!  He therefore needs a confident and physically fit person if these situations arise.  However, we really hope JoJo can find a home where the surrounding settings are more favourable for him where this won't be of an issue.

JoJo doesn't really have any basic commands yet, and training and bonding with this dog is a must!  He would benefit from an owner who has previous larger dog experience but who will also understand JoJo's needs of exercise, discipline and love.  He is brilliant around other dogs both big and small who are not threatening to him when out and about and is submissive in nature and very gentle with them.  He would love a play buddy, but as Ruby (the black and white Collie cross) is 12 years old and has to show Jojo she is in charge, he doesn't get much joy from her!

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JoJo would love to find a loving home where he will be very much part of his owners life with large open spaces/fields where he can run freely without any aggravation of strictions.  A resident doggy companion young or old would suit JoJo fine or a home who mixes with other dogs on open walks would make JoJo very happy. Further ongoing training is a feature in Jojo's life at the moment and the more input you put into him, the more you will enrich both his and your lives and create that all important relationship with dog and owner.  

JoJo is well behaved in the house and is happy to lay down and sleep once he has had a walk.  He would be OK to be left for a few hours of the day and is always very happy to see you with a really waggy tail - and body - which he shimmies from side to side (like a spaniel) when he greets you. His tail unfortunately is not full length and we don't know what has happened to it, but he certainly uses it to show how happy he is.

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JoJo sleeps well at night and travels well in a car. He is not a big eater and there are no food issues around other dogs. He is housetrained and non destructive.

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JoJo is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and flea treated.  He is ready to go!

JoJo is currently now in the North London area near J25 of M25.  We are looking to home him in more rural areas of neighbouring counties or further afield may be possible for the right home.

If you feel you can offer JoJo a wonderful forever home, and would like more information about him, please speak with Yasmina on 0781 554 7667 and fill out an Adoption Form on our web site as fully as possible.

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